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The AMALGAM FEELINGS album was recorded in four different languages
*Music and Lyrics by Ridha :

1 "Weanek" is the Arabic selection.
2 "Because All I Need is You" is in English.
3 "Un Mondo Migliore" features the Italian language.(lyrics by Sergio Moioli)
4 "Reviens Dans Ma Vie" is the French tune.




Ridha's MusicVideos

Friday, 20 June 2008

Happy Birthday Ridha

Tonight we celebrated with all of Ridha's wonderful Second Life friends his birthday and it was an amazingly great time. The world was full of love and good wishes. It was a beautiful night.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Go Ridha Go!!

Let me start this post with a confession. I am American and nope I don’t understand the rest of the world’s fascination with soccer…errr football. I do understand the world’s fascination with Ridha however (hopefully that will win me some brownie points.) Last night Ridha performed a wonderful concert in the Italian SIM of Horan. From what I gathered Italy beat France last night in socc…err football. Also Holland beat Romania. (If that’s not right send your hate mail to Ridha he hired an American afterall!) So, the football fans came out in their team’s colors and partied with Ridha. He kicked it up a notch and did a big disco set as fans waived their flags and had great fun. It’s very cool when we can mix our love of culture and our countries with the music. It’s like seeing the art Ridha paints with his music come alive before our eyes.

Whomever you are cheering for—GO YOUR TEAM! GO RIDHA!

P.S. Thanks to Lemania for snapping these great shots for us!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Beach Blanket Hiriam

It reminded me of the movie Beach Blanket Bingo today as Ridha performed to a group of avatars along the shores in Hiriam. The music was as HOT as the sand...Ridha's first song started and mixed into one after another until 1 1/2 hours later he finally stopped and caught his breath. WOW. He ended the night with beautiful ballads that had everyone cuddling their favorite avatar as they danced to the warm ocean breezes. What a lovely beach party it was.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Music in the Garden

Ridha played in the Second Life world of “Secret Garden” this evening and I can’t express the positive energy flowing from the place. Perhaps it was all the lovely nature that surrounded us. Maybe it was the warm reception the people gave as we entered the world. Maybe it was the wonderful fans that show after show come out to hear Ridha. Or maybe, it was just Ridha. I don’t know, but like a seed takes root in the ground and blossoms…so did this concert. People stayed after to talk, take some pictures with Ridha and maybe they just wanted to keep that positive energy growing. I am not sure the reason these extra special nights happen, but I always feel blessed to be part of them. I hope we can all take that wonderful energy with us and spread it around to others.

There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it. ~Minnie Aumonier

Friday, 13 June 2008

Dancing the Night Away

Ridha played tonight at The Club ISN Virtual Worlds to a packed SIM. People crowded the dance floor with little room left for dancing but it didn’t matter. Everyone swayed to the lovely music. Ridha started slowly and then at the end rev’d it up with a disco number. There were a few crashes along the way for most of the crowd, but in true SL spirit everyone came back and found their places back on the dance floor. Great show Ridha!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Ri's Sweet Honey

No, I haven't gone mad or lost my way and thought I was posting in my fashion blog. I wanted to share something special with all of you. Yesterday, Lemania Indigo our dear dear friend in the group surprised Ridha with a dress that she was inspired to make after Ridha performed his "Honey" song on stage in Horan last evening. I think it is very special to inspire people through your art and another example of how Ridha touches people in ways even he doesn't know. How many times have you been to a Ridha concert after a bad day and after the two hours your spirits feel lifted?

So, I wanted to share with you the Ri's Sweet Honey Dress to remind Ridha that gifts come in many ways and in many packages. To many in SL and in RL you are a gift we treasure.

P.S. Honey Honey Honey tonight..buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

We're in Heaven

Ridha was center stage for the grand opening of Heaven’s Jazz Club in the world of Horan this evening to a packed house. In fact, it was so packed people were shut out. But that did not stop the eager fans as they found a grassy edge of the outskirts of the world that was still in range of the stream and listened there. All they had was one tree…a lot of grass but what they did have was the magic of Ridha. His voice lifted all tonight. The beginning of the night threw Ridha a SL curve ball but like Ridha says “Nothing stops the music.” He managed to find a workaround and once again perform beyond anyones expectations and belief. The venue was stunning but I kinda envy the folks on the grassy outskirts…because they listened to the magic of the night in the most simplistic way…and it was pure bliss.

Friday, 6 June 2008

An Evening of Splendor

It is always a treat when a talented performer gets to play at a venue that equals his splendor. The Island of Milano has a lovely recreation of the La Scala Opera House and Wednesday Ridha returned to the venue to perform to a packed theatre. The hour flew by but avatars could not resist standing up and dancing among the red upholstered seats. People stayed at the venue long after the last notes where played; I don’t think anyone wanted the evening to end.