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The AMALGAM FEELINGS album was recorded in four different languages
*Music and Lyrics by Ridha :

1 "Weanek" is the Arabic selection.
2 "Because All I Need is You" is in English.
3 "Un Mondo Migliore" features the Italian language.(lyrics by Sergio Moioli)
4 "Reviens Dans Ma Vie" is the French tune.




Ridha's MusicVideos

Thursday, 28 February 2008

New Video "Sway" by Alishaba

Ridha's young American fan (an aspiring video producer and actress as well) took Ridha's performance of "Sway" and made a new music video. Not even a teenager yet, we think Alishaba is a rising star like Ridha!

What a Night!

Ridha played to a packed dance floor at the newly remodeled Blue Angel and oh what a night it was. Love songs painted the night sky then Ridha kicked it up a notch and had everyone dancing in the last ½ of the concert. The concert was put together by Sin Speculaas as a gift to her SL friends…I think we need to stay on this girl's gift list!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Thank You Ridha!

I wanted to post a few pictures from the after party Sunday night that was a celebration of thanks to Ridha for all the joy he brings into SL through his music. Ridha is a real treasure and many people recognize that fact...sometimes we forget to tell people how important they are to us. So on behalf of everyone you have made happy, put a smile on their face, remembered their birthday in song or just sang something that was important to their heart--thank you Ridha.

The world is a more beautiful place with you in it.

Monday, 25 February 2008

The Monday Blue's

Ridha played at Spunky's BT this evening before a packed house and the crowd loved him (big surprise.) Love song after love song and then Ridha cranked it up a notch turning to the blues. Everyone there had a great time.

It's Not far to Never-Never Land

Last night we once again took the plunge and headed to the Ocean floor to Atira for a great concert Sunday evening. It was one of the most beautiful, yet strangest concerts I have attended in Second Life. Bikini clad women and mermen danced to a wonderful Arabic set of tunes but what was most breathtaking was when Ridha set aside all but his piano and sang from his heart. WOW. Tissue boxes came out as we wept at the beauty of each song…Ridha is such a desert fox and certainly knows how to tug on our heartstrings. It was amazing!

The oddest part of the evening (other than the afterglow party which our favorite singer was honored, more on that in another post) was when Ridha showed some newbie tendencies and attached a house to his head during a song. I am sorry to say I was laughing so hard I was unable to take a shot but if any of you got a picture of this moment I would happily trade you for a killer pair of shoes. Rumor has it Ridha’s avatar is still picking the splinters out of his hair.

P.S. Another music video starring Ridha will be posted this week as well, so keep checking in!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Non si arresta!

We want more! Don’t stop! Encore, encore! We love Ridha…echo’d through the beautifully redone SIM of ITLand Friday evening as Ridha, who was scheduled to play just an hour, held on a little longer so as not to disappoint his fans. What a show! What a Ridha. The only disappointment was the short concert…inquiring minds are beginning to ask..can’t he start playing 3 hour concerts??!!??

Friday, 22 February 2008

Ridha the Artist

Wednesday Ridha played to many new faces in the crowd. As he painted a palette of lovely tunes on the canvas of silence…the crowd danced and sang along. A wonderful time was had by all. (TY Alishaba for the words of inspiration on this post…and ty Lemania and Cathy for snapping these great shots)

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Culture Mix

The Media Culture Center was the home of Tuesday evening concert as Ridha played for two hours before an eager crowd. Avatars danced and partied to several “mixes” including a disco, reggae and Latin mix. The only bump in the road was avatars finding their way to the venue, but once they got there—a great time was had by all.

Monday, 18 February 2008

More Pictures

A few more shots I wanted to share :-)

Under the Sea

Ridha performed “Under the Sea” this evening at the new water venue in Atira. What a great night it was, the party didn’t stop, in fact neither did Ridha as he sang on for a straight hour without stopping. All were dressed in their beach wear…it’s ok lifeguards were in attendance. The mood was from a story book…as all danced while fish swam alongside. Glub Glub!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Message of Peace and Love

Last nights concert at the Swiss Arena was broadcast live on DBL Radio/TV. DBC Radio TV has been broadcasting live shows for over 5 years and they now have over 1700 Radio listeners, and 300 people watching it on internet TV. Ridha was brilliant as always.

The only sad part in a wonderful performance was when an ugly racial slur was made toward Ridha. As a background Ridha was born in Tunisia and lives in Italy but considers himself a citizen of the world. His message is and always will be one of love and peace. The person continued to bagger Ridha in IM, and was finally banned from the venue. Ridha made a comment to the crowd and then, because the professional he is continued to sing long past his 1 hour performance time.

We are saddened that there is so much hate and ignorance in this world. When we engage that kind of person in his banter, we just empower him. We are happy instead the fans gathered around Ridha and showed their love and support, because that is what it is all about in the end…the love and understanding we have for all people.

TY Alishaba for getting the pictures!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Sweet RoseLand

It was the perfect way to open the live shows at the Roseland Ballroom… with a special Valentine’s performance from Ridha! This spectacular venue held a full dance floor of elegantly clad Second Life avatars and they danced the night away. Ridha was brilliant as always, introducing the eager crowd to a few never heard in SL tunes. I must say, Ridha never ceases to amaze even me and I have attended nearly 100 of his on-line shows. The energy of the night was wonderful..and rumor has it he will be appearing at this venue again soon..yeah!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Roseland Ballroom

Join Ridha Friday, February 15th for a very special concert to celebrate the grand opening of the Roseland Ballroom. This stunningly beautiful venue will only be paled by the sweet sound of Ridha’s voice. Don’t miss this incredible evening. 1pm SL

Take me to the ball!

Sweeter than Chocolate

Valentine’s Day in Second Life was celebrated in a special way to the lucky ones who crowded in the packed Phat Cat Jazz Club to celebrate the “World Romance” Ball with Ridha. The two hours flew by as people in their Valentine finery danced, swayed and swooned to the lovely ballads. This was an incredible event by any standard. Ridha is the man of love.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hearts on Fire in Hiriam

The second stop on Ridha’s Valentine’s tour landed him in Hiriam a familiar place for our favorite crooner of love songs to swing. The crowd enjoyed song after song as Ridha gave his all to the lovers on the dance floor.

The next stop on the tour is the long time SL club Paht Cat’s Jazz Club for World Romance Valentines Day Ball…so put on your finest and join our Cupid for this day to celebrate love.

Thanks again Cathy for your help!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Valentine Love Tour

Ridha celebrated a week full of Valentine love with stop #1 at the Istanbul Jazz Lounge Tuesday. He spent the first hour crooning love song after love song and the second hour he took it up a notch and had the dance floor flooded with dancers swinging and swaying. We understand stop #2 on this Valentine tour is in the lovely world of Hiriam.
Thank you Cathy Basevi for taking these pictures--you rock!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Ridha Shines the Brightest

Sunday was nothing short of amazing on the golden sands of Hiriam as Ridha sang to a packed house. A dazzling light show accompanied Ridha as he delighted the large crowd for over two hours with wonderful song after song. The night was capped off with a firework display in appreciation for Ridha’s incredible performance. People are still talking about this marvelous evening. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this event such a dazzling display and thanks to Ridha who never fails to surpass all expectations!

Monday, 11 February 2008


Come celebrate Valentine's Day Thursday February 14th at Phat Cat's Jazzy Blue Lounge with Ridha , for 2 hours of the most romantic music from around the world. Whether in Italian, French, English, or Arabic, Ridha's voice will make you sway with a night of fun, dance, and romance. Bring your loved one, or come meet one. Come join us in this world celebration of love!

Take Me There Now!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Beyond the Sea

Join Ridha Sunday February 10th 1pm PST in Second Life for a concert on the golden shores of the Italian Beach City of Hiriam. Be part of this very special evening!

Get me there now!